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▲ 艺术设备 :心, Art installation: Heart。
阅历战役的重庆中心珠宝人们反思自我存在,发生了荒谬哲学;平和年代的国金咱们却凭仗兴旺的信息交流平台更多的去审视别人 。在蜂拥而来的梵誓外部点评面前,是重庆中心珠宝承受同化或假意巴结 ,仍是国金毫不动摇的据守良心 ,每个人都有归于自己的梵誓答案 。
当叛变传统的重庆中心珠宝业主碰到极富特性的“山城”重庆,注定是国金一场不同寻常的相遇。重庆凭仗着地舆优势以及对公共艺术的梵誓重视一跃成为既具有传统前史人文可见识 ,又深受年轻人喜欢的重庆中心珠宝网红城市;而梵誓ONESWEAR作为一个用计划发明感动、表达情绪的国金时髦前锋珠宝品牌,其别出心裁的梵誓风格与重庆国金中心自身推重艺术文明体会的思路不约而同。而计划师倾力为品牌打造的重庆中心珠宝别具一格的体会空间,亦成为表达其独立精力的国金橱窗。
People who experienced the war reflected on their own existence and produced the fantastic philosophy. Although in age of peace, we examine others more by the developed information exchange platform. In the face of the swarms of external evaluation, whether to accept assimilation or pretend to agree and flatter, or unswervingly follow to their own heart, everyone has their own answer.。
When the brand owner who rebel tradition meets "mountain city" Chongqing with extremely rich individual character, it is destined to be an unusual encounter. With its geographical advantages and attention to public art, Chongqing has become a popular city online with both traditional history and cultural heritage and popular among young people. As a fashion pioneer jewelry brand that uses the design to touch feelings and express attitudes, the unique style of ONESWEAR coincides with the idea of promoting art and cultural experience of Chongqing IFS itself. The creative experience space designed by designers for the brand also becomes a window to express its independent spirit.。
空间主题 :顺心而为, Space theme: Listen to you heart。
互联网年代丰盛繁复的信息充满着每个现代人的心里,有人趁波逐浪 ,有人抚躬自问。顺心而为,绝不是嘴上带过的简略标语 。比起审视别人,直面自己实在的心里世界  ,了解自身的渴求 ,更能体现出对独立精力的寻求。
The Internet age is full of abundant information in every modern person's heart. Some people go with the flow, some people ask themselves. “Listen to your heart” is not just a slogan people just say it once. Instead of judging others, it is better to confront your own inner world and understand your own desires.  。
▼ 设备“心” :制品参数, Installation “Heart”: the finished product parameters。

设备以跳动的心脏为主题,坐落门店中心最显眼的方位,集合灯光和视野 ,激烈的存在感提醒着人们审视自己的重要性。计划师并没有刻意模仿实在的心脏造型,而是将其进行艺术化处理,将极小曲面理论运用到设备上。
设备全体选用玻璃纤维3D打印工艺,运用铝箔纸在外表做出褶皱的肌理,既是对心脏纤维的意象表达,也营造出时髦前锋的金属质感 ,打造艺术外形的一起又体现着理性与抑制的美感。
The installation, themed with a beating heart, takes the center of the store that focusing on lights and sightlines. It has a strong sense of presence that reminds people of the importance of examining themselves. The designer did not deliberately imitate the shape of a real heart, but made it artistic and applied minimal surface theory to the installation.。
The whole installation is made by glass fiber 3D printing process and using aluminum foil paper to make wrinkled texture on the surface which not only expresses the imagery of heart fiber, but also creates the fashion metal texture. It reflects the aesthetic feeling of rationality and restraint while creating artistic appearance.。
▼设备“心” :铝箔纸打造的皱褶外表, Installation “Heart”: Corrugated surface made of aluminum foil。

左右心房实践上彼此别离,又在形状上彼此依托,中心留出一人宽的通道 ,让人们可以走进自己的心里世界 。内部放置发声设备,在一个相对密闭独立的空间内,听到心跳的声响  ,意为与自己对话 、交流 。
The left and right atria are actually separated from each other but depend on each other in form. We leave a wide passage in the middle, so that people can walk into their inner world. The sound device inside let people hear the sound of heartbeat in a relatively closed and independent space means to talk and communicate with themselves.。
▼ 左右心房中心的通道, the passage between left and right atria 。

▼探究自己的心里, Explore inner world of themselves 。

设备外部的电视屏幕可以实时的看到心脏内部的场景 ,而内部也能经过设备外表不规矩的孔洞们与外部发生交流,添加表里的互动性和趣味性。
The TVs outside the installation can see the scene inside the heart in real time. The inside can also communicate with the outside through irregular holes on the surface of the installation that increasing the interaction and interest between the inside and the outside. 。
▼ 能看到设备内部的屏幕, TVs can see the scene inside the heart 。

▼ 交流表里的不规矩形状孔洞, irregular-shaped holes that communicate the inside and the outside。

除此之外 ,心脏上向外伸出了大大小小的 “血管”,管道口嵌入了各种平面镜 、凹透镜 、凸透镜,使来客在设备表里各个视点都可以看到不一致的自己,以一种生动有趣的方法让人们不断开掘自己的心里。
In addition, large and small "blood vessels" extend outwards from the Heart with plane mirrors, concave lenses and convex lenses at the mouth of the tube. Visitors can see different aspects of themselves from all angles inside and outside the installation and enabling people to explore their own hearts in a lively and interesting way.  。
▼ “血管”通道口的各种镜子设备, Different kinds of mirror at the mouth of these “blood vessels”。

▼ 心脏周围的细节, Surrounding detail of the Heart。

空间解读, Space analysis。
▼ 轴测图:以心脏设备为中心的排布, Axonometric: arrangement that centered on the installation “Heart”。

The project site is 8.85 meters wide and 9.75 meters deep while height is 4 meters. The plane shape is regular.。
▼ 平面图:较为规整的平面布局, Plan: regular floor plan 。

计划中使用本来的规矩场所优势去打造一个完好一致的自在体会空间。夯土漆的墙面造型宛如一根活动的飘带包围着整个空间,本该笔直交代的墙面进行倒角处理 ,使用曲线自身柔软活动的作用,给人以柔软又赋有动感的感觉 ,合作夯土漆的粗糙肌理 ,让人在粗狂与柔美 、抑制与天然中寻求一致。墙体旁边面不锈钢包边体现了珠宝店的精美感和对细节质量的寻求 。
In the design, the advantages of the original regular site are used to create a complete and unified free experience space. The wall with rammed earth paint is like a flowing ribbon surrounding the whole space. The wall that should be vertically intersected is chamfered. The soft and flowing shape of the curve itself gives people a soft and dynamic feeling. The stainless steel side of the wall reflects the exquisite sense of the jewelry shop and the pursuit of detail quality. 。
▼ 空间的飘带与中心设备, Flowing ribbon in the space and the center installation。

▼空间飘带的交织与堆叠, Staggered and overlapped flowing ribbon in the space 。

▼ 活动的柔软曲线, Flowing shape of the soft curve。

成效上,围绕着这段赋有特点的墙体 ,置入招待桌、展柜、橱窗展柜,库房等成效 。入口处墙体与橱窗展柜彼此嵌套联接,似乎镶嵌在商场中的一颗灿烂的珠宝  。库房也隐藏在墙面中,独自的体量与活动的夯土墙构成份额美丽的构成联系 。
Functionally, we put reception table, showcase, show window, warehouse and other functional space around this characteristic wall. The wall at the entrance and the showcase are nested and linked together, as if a bright jewelry embedded in the mall. The warehouse is also hidden behind the wall. The single volume forms a graceful composition in proportion to the flowing rammed earth wall.。
▼ 全身镜与墙面展柜彼此映射 ,连续空间曲线, Full-length mirror and wall display cases are mapped to each other, extending the spatial curve。

▼ 参差的入墙展柜打破常规,装点在墙面上, Scattered inside showcases break the convention and embellished on the wall。

▼ 空间曲线之间嵌套的成效空间, The functional Spaces nested between spatial curves 。

*本事例一切图片和文字由原计划师及其公司授权发布 ,未经答应请勿转载 。

计划师: 平介计划 。

组织&职务 : 平介计划 。

拿手专业 : 修建计划。

个人简介:平介计划(Parallect Design)于2017年景立于荷兰,是一家立足于长三角和荷兰的多元化计划作业室。咱们是一个广义计划的小组,修建方案是咱们切入商场的主力,一起咱们介入空间、室内  、景象 、平面、展现等计划项目 。咱们以为“计划”“策动”“方案”这些词其实都是近义词  ,意图便是“经过计划战略处理一个具体问题”。
计划团队具有不同的教育和作业布景 ,并期望在这样多元文明布景彼此交融冲击的作业气氛中,不断打破计划的“传统”。针对不同环境下计划的问题, 提出赋有试验精力的计划思路 。
咱们跟随运用者的平行视角,介入计划,着重空间的实践体会。着眼计划艺术性、成效性、经济性的一起,不断发掘空间潜能和运用者的潜在需求。咱们也鼓舞多方的评论和合作伙伴的积极参与,共同完成更有价值的计划 。

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